Adeline Maxi Skirt

$113.05 $133.00

Casting a spell of romance wherever you go in this magical white maxi skirt. Crafted from a whisper-light fabric that glides like a lover’s touch, this skirt drapes around you with an air of delicate sophistication. But the true enchantment lies in the lace itself. Starting at the hem and gradually cascading upward, the lace adorns the floral fabric in an array of graceful motifs. The lacework is finely crafted, with swirls, florals, and intricate designs interweaving to create a captivating texture that's so hard to forget. Pair it with Call crop-top for a chic look that's perfect for any occasion.

Maxi skirt is flowy and comfortable 
Decorated embroidered lace  
Adjustable elasticated waistband 
Pull it up or down for a low or high-rise fit
Slip-on styling 

100% Cotton 

Care Instructions:
Cold Machine Wash 
Or Cold Hand Wash 

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